Saturday 16 December 2023

Decorated for Christmas


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my recent posts. And also for understanding that it sometimes takes me a little while to respond. I think I've finally caught up now. 

The work's party, last night, was so much fun. I'm not entirely sure why it was advertised as being quite different from the typical Christmas party night, however. Because in all honesty it was every bit the same, aside from the street food option. There was food, a well stocked bar and the usual mediocre band. The only difference I can think of was that it was held in what can only be described as an outdoor, marquee style space. I think that was why I was told it might be a bit chilly. As it happened, I went well prepared, with warm leggings under my chiffon culottes, and a large warm soft scarf, should I have needed to wrap up. I even took my hand-warmers! My green velvet top was worn off the shoulder, so you can see why I was a little bit anxious. Anyway, in the end there was no need for any of it. The venue was actually quite warm, and I spent most of the evening dancing, which is probably why I feel a bit achy and tired today - It's the most exercise I've had in a while :) It felt really good to let my hair down, after what has been a rather busy and unsettled few months, and it was lovely to see my colleagues all enjoying themselves. 

Today my intention was to take things easy but instead, this morning, I found myself finishing the Christmas shopping and writing the last of my cards. I feel more relaxed about it all now, although I still need to get them all wrapped.

This afternoon, however, Lily and I took a drive over to Levens Hall, where they have the rooms all decorated for the festive season, along with musicians and choirs performing Christmas music in the main hall. It was a really lovely atmosphere and the fresh foliage decorations looked beautiful.

Outside, it  was a different foliage that provided the decoration. The topiary garden, which dates back to the 1690's, was mesmerising and I imagine it looks all the more special during the summer months. 

For now the weather has reverted to it's customary grey and damp. At least it stayed dry long enough for us to enjoy a walk around the garden.

J. X