Tuesday 15 October 2019

Sunny Morning at Sizergh

At the weekend and with the promise of a sunny day, we took a trip out to Sizergh Castle. It had been a while since our last visit there and, with my hip still causing discomfort, it was just enough for me to be able to enjoy a gentle pootle around the gardens and appreciate the autumn colour.
The castle itself looked glorious in the autumn sunshine. We've looked around the rooms on previous visits but on such a beautiful day we were only interested in enjoying it from the outside. Also, our boots were so muddy, I doubt they would have let us in anyway!

As we arrived shortly after ten o'clock, it was still lovely and quiet. In the courtyard they were gearing up for the Greenwood Fair. This is an annual event to celebrate the woodlands on the Sizergh estate, which includes guided walks, demonstrations and stalls. We had a quick look around but soon set off for the seclusion of the woodland knoll which overlooks the small pond. On our last visit, in February, the trees were bare and there were clumps of snowdrops scattered to the edge of the pathway. This time a light carpet of russet leaves covered the ground.

With Lily leading the way (and me hobbling along behind) we made our way around the beautiful rock garden, where the Acers are putting on an amazing display, through the orchard, stopping to say hello to the chickens and along to the Mirror Lake at the front of the castle, which was covered in lily pads. Following a brief chocolate break we visited my favourite part of the castle - the kitchen garden. They manage to grow a large variety of produce here, much of which is used in the café. By the look of things this will soon include a lot of leeks and kale. The sunflowers at the entrance to the greenhouse were huge!

We had a peek in the greenhouse, being careful to close the door quickly behind us. Apparently, Charlie the cat has a habit of lying on the plants!

He didn't appear to mind, however. 🐈🐈🐈

J. X