Wednesday 30 December 2020


This morning, we began our walk from Patterdale, a small village just south of Ullswater, striding out across farmland with the frosty grass crunching beneath our feet. The sun was still low in the sky at this time, but our destination looked promising and, as we climbed higher up the fellside, we soon left the shade of the valley behind.

The first stop on our route was Boredale Hause. A pass between the Patterdale and Boredale valleys, where various paths meet. We were last there when we took the track heading north up Place Fell, back in November. Today, instead, we took the path leading south towards Angle Tarn, a popular place for wild camping during the summer months.

The way ahead was a like entering a winter wonderland. Enough snow to be magical, not too much that walking was in any way difficult. It was powdery and dry. Unfortunately, not suitable for making snowballs - I tried :)

Looking across at the Helvellyn range.

The northern, and true, summit of Angletarn Pikes. It's not as intimidating as it looks and we climbed the path right to the top.

The southern summit. 

Our lunchtime view. Angle Tarn looking beautiful in the winter sun.

Back at the car, tired but happy, and an opportunity to enjoy a warming drink before heading for home.

J. X