Thursday 8 February 2024

Moving On


I am so relieved that we finally reached the end of January and we can move onwards towards spring. I have never been fond of this time of year. Gloomy, wet days. Leaving for work in the dark and returning home long after the sun has set. Saturdays and Sundays are usually filled with preparations for the week ahead, leaving little time for more pleasurable activities. And the cold! It isn't so much the low temperatures but usually it's  the damp and wind that fights its way through the warmest of clothing, making my body tense up and leaving me feeling achy. 

My initial plan of action, this year, was to power on through the month regardless. Surely if I could simply keep going, I wouldn't get so caught up in my dislike of January, the days would feel less depressing and, just maybe, we might even have a more wintry winter :) This did not work out as I'd hoped. The snow didn't arrive and recently I have been plagued with extreme tiredness, and persistently feeling under the weather. I am eating healthily - meal planning and getting one large weekly shop have been a huge help - and exercising, but I just can't seem to shift my malaise, which is why I haven't been spending a lot of time online. I have spoken with my GP, who expressed concern, and I am now waiting on the results of some blood tests. 

Moving forward, I intend to look upon January as my reset month. A time of quiet and calm. No expectations. Perhaps I really don't need to read up on ways with which to beat the January blues, I could simply hibernate instead.

J. X