Sunday 22 August 2021

Plodding Along

It's just a little over a week since my last post but it seems so much longer. For various reasons, I've been feeling a bit flat lately. That, along with the down turn in the weather, not spending enough time outdoors, and the strong probability of having low iron levels, means I really need to start taking better care of myself. Easy enough to say, but never quite as straightforward to put into practice. Oh, how I wish I could listen to my own advice at times. 

I spent last weekend in Manchester. After all this time, it felt very strange to be travelling by train again, but it was fine and even better, none of my plans needed to be cancelled or postponed due to any restrictions. Success! Now I'm looking forward to visiting again in October.

Also last week, I baked Chocolate Brownies in celebration of another year around the sun. I spent the day quietly. Lily and I went to Windermere and took a walk up Orrest Head. There's a lovely pathway up through the woods which opens up to a gorgeous view of the lake and the fells beyond. Or, it would have done if the cloud hadn't been so low that day. The rowan berries are turning red now, a clear sign summer is beginning to wane. 

I have, however, been taking things easy over the last few days. Too easy, perhaps, to the point of slothfulness. This is only a brief intermission though, as I have lots planned for the remainder of the holidays.

J. X