Tuesday 28 December 2021

Woodland Wander


Having asked myself on numerous occasions what day it is, not to mention having had little concept of time, I have finally found myself in that period between Christmas and New Year where I have no idea what on earth I'm doing, and I quite like it. In all honesty today has passed in a bit of a blur. I know I have eaten too much chocolate, drunk far too much coffee and not done anywhere near enough housework, but as I'm not expecting any visitors at anytime soon, I will readily overlook that :)

This morning I went for my booster. Now unlike my previous appointments, where some kind, gentle souls very carefully administered my vaccinations, today I was subjected to someone I can only describe as a young child in training, who proceeded to jab me quite forcefully in the top of my arm before I'd even had chance to roll my sleeve up properly. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Even the second volunteer, who was recording my details, was clearly taken by surprise and went out of her way to make sure I was okay afterwards. Not to worry, at least it was quick. I was grateful he had volunteered his services and I'd like to think perhaps his technique improved as the day went on :)

This afternoon, as I was fortunately not feeling any side effects, we took a short walk through the woods and out towards the pond. Even at only 2 o'clock the light was already flat and low, and it felt as though it could have been much later in the day. The path through the woods was very muddy beneath our feet and I was glad we had decided to wear our wellies. The obligatory sticks were gathered and the stream explored before wending our way back up the steep hill as darkness began to fall. Momentarily the sun broke through the cloud casting a beautiful light across the trees. 

This evening, I've been taking it easy, and I won't be long out of bed. Tomorrow, the forecast doesn't look so great, so I think I will take the opportunity to have a tidy through and at least clear the kitchen. It's all looking a bit of a mess right now. 

J. X