Wednesday 21 December 2022


Solstice blessings. Peace, love and light. 

J. X

Merry and Bright


Post title unashamedly 'borrowed' from the gift tag, which was attached to one of the very lovely and thoughtful gifts I received today. People can be so kind. 

I can't say I'm feeling terribly merry or bright just yet. I'm leaning more towards exhausted and wrung out :) It has been a rather eventful couple of days, after all.  But today was my last working day until the New Year, the car has had it's new tyres fitted, and I have some very exciting things to look forward to. Not least tomorrow, when I will be travelling somewhere I have been looking forward to going to for a long time now :)

It has been a day filled with sparkle and laughter. Wonderment and joy. And I am beginning to think I will feel much more relaxed now that I have finally finished for the holidays. I have most things crossed off my list now, having delivered my very last Christmas Card this evening. I just hope I haven't forgotten anyone. I only have some food to get in, which I will do towards the end of the week, and the gifts still to wrap - of course! :)

There was some more excitement this evening, when Lily was awarded the Student of the Month trophy at her Karate Class. I am so very proud of her. She only started the sessions in March this year and it is something she really enjoys. 

Another early night again for me. I have a busy day again tomorrow. 

J. X